Saturday, April 24, 2010

more pictures!

These are all from either the ranch or Los Cedros...

From CINAFE to Nejapa

Well we finished up our time in the CINAFE orphanage with ice cream in celebration of Hilary's birthday. It was a beautiful place and wonderful and smart young kids. From there we've spent the last week floating in and out of a few different organizations visiting Crystal Rey, Los Cedros and even venturing back up the hill to El Crucero to teach a few days. The last two days have been spent camping at a friends ranch about 15 minutes outside of Managua. It is a gorgeous place with hike-able land as far as the eye can see. Kara and I have spent the last two nights sleeping under the stars atop "Mt Siani", as we so lovingly call it...the stars seem touchable and the sunrise in the morning glows across the acres and acres of rolling hills that flow below us. Waking up at 5:30 has never been so rewarding.

We move tomorrow to an area called Nejapa, where we will be working with Pastor Michael. It's going to be a VERY busy week, full of painting, teaching and LOTS of kids. We'll be running a 3 day VBS (vacation bible school)at the end of the week,with an expectancy of 150 children...we preparing for more even more..
Keep us in your hearts and heads as we move in to one of our most challenging weeks yet!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I forgot to mention that the rest of tuition fee's got paid off!! Someone generously decided to pay for the remainder of my balance, and it has been SUCH a weight lifted from my shoulders...

Now all I have to pay for is my internship!

Feel free to pray and contribute towards that for me!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 4 months. My words can't thank you enough!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Good bye El Crucero, hello big city!

As our time up on the mountain in El Crucero came to a close, we realized two things: 1. We have been so blessed to have had more space than we know what to do with...and 2. The weather down in the city will not be ANYWHERE NEAR the coolness of the mountain.

SO. The guest house we're staying in now is bout 2 minutes from the center of the city, right across the street from a bakery, coffee, Subway and a grociery store. It's about 3 times smaller than our last home and a way warmer, but we love it all the same. This week we well be painting in the morning and working in an ophanage in the afternoons..

Time is flying by and leaves us with only have 3 1/2 weeks left here! I am enjoying the beauty of the country and the delicious food. At the same time, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to my internship (which is still yet to be decided). I know that these nexr few weeks are going to go quick, so i'm trying to suck everything in and enjoy this short time in my life.

I love and miss you all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Here!

Well we've got the first week under our belt! There was no school this week, so we spent most of our time helping out with general maintanence around the school. The picture i posted is from the last leg of our journy to Nicaragua. It was a loooong bus ride, but the country side was so beautiful that i never wanted it to end!
Next week the plan is to work with a medical missions team that is traveling around to a different town every day. We are all looking forward to getting to meet knew people and see more of the country. We have been MORE than embraced by the local church and community, and feel so privilaged to get to serve them as well as serve along side them.
I promis i'll post more pictures as upload them to my computer!
I love and miss you all sooo much!
Be praying for provision for our team and great internship opporunities!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 2 of a 3 day tour

Well we're here in Honduras for the night. We got into San Pedro Sula around 3pm and had the rest of the afternoon and evening to eat some YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY food and check out the mall. We catch a bus tomorrow morning at 5 which will take us all the way to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua! Our first 2 weeks will be spent in a guest house at an orphanage/school, helping and serving in any way we can.

If you'd like to creep on us and our journy thus far, heres a map that shows where we've come from and where we're headed! We started in San Pedro, Belize and from there went to Punta Gorda Belize, where we stayed the night. Today we traveled from Punta Gorda, through Guatemala (which is SO beautiful) into Honduras!